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SOUL CENTERED: An empowerment program 

Overcome everything that holds you back from living your dream life 

A 12 week program designed to help you connect to your highest vision, heal old wounds and blocks, reprogram your subconscious and begin moving towards your heart's desires & soul's calling


Empowering you to align with your true self, connect deeply to your heart and soul, and break down barriers to create the vibrant life you desire. 

We all know mental health is important but to achieve mastery and build a life of freedom and fulfillment we need to take care of our mind, body, spirit and soul. 

This program provides everything you need to: 


Experience true alignment and balance so you can embody the best version of yourself 


Overcome mental limitations & subconscious blocks that keep you stuck or fearful 


Know your worth, your power and ability to create a life beyond your wildest dreams


 Tell me, is this you?

  • You're frequently in your head so you often feel self conscious 
  • You are really hard on yourself and expect perfection
  • You have a difficult time asking for help and saying no to others 
  • You think your value is tied to how productive you are so you are constantly doing even when you're burned out 
  • You want to grow in all ways but feel blocked, drained and not sure what's next

Here's the truth

It doesn't have to be this way

We can unlock a greater potential within us. We can repattern our mind to remain peaceful even during times of challenge. We can learn to focus our thoughts on the creation of what we desire instead of the worry or fear of things not working out. 


"This program helped me let go of old stories that kept me feeling stuck in health and love. Not only did I move through mental blocks, I felt a greater sense of freedom and self love. My relationship to myself and the universe shifted. I wouldn't be here without it."

Emma A, student of Soul Centered

Soul Centered: A  Mastermind in Unlocking Your Inner Power, Worth and Aligned Expression 

This program is built from over 10 years of training and experience helping people overcome their limitations mind, body, spirit & soul. Distilled into the KEY points that support you to feel worthy, empowered, aligned and capable to create and manifest your desires.

Proven roadmap

This program is specially designed so you don’t have to spend mental energy figuring it out. You have a framework that supports your expansion

Weekly calls

12 weekly live calls where you will learn, process and receive instruction to integrate the new knowledge into your daily life. 

Private community

Move through the process with likeminded individuals who can support, inspire and connect with you. 

Guided meditations

Each week you will receive specific meditations and exercises to integrate that module's concepts into positive change and growth. 

Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to connect to your heart, to know your worth and begin building your best life

Module 1

Introduction + Inventory

Understand where you are and what specific areas you want to heal, improve and expand. Get clear on your goals and hopes for the process. 

Module 2

Connect to your Heart Centered Vision

Learn to connect to the wisdom and intuition of your heart + soul. This is an essential tool in unwinding negative mental patterns and subconcious thoughts. Knowing when our heart is speaking and how to follow it's guidance sets the foundation for the next modules. 

Module 3

Higher Mind 

Dive deep into understanding the matrix of your mind. Gaining clarity on your deep beliefs, mental patterns and inner dynamics to know what needs to shift. 

Module 4

Healing + Letting Go 

After determining core beliefs and past events that are holding you back, we do work to let go and alchemize. Experience profound empowerment and forgiveness allowing you to feel lighter. 

How does this sound?

Your life after taking this course...

  • Your mind isn't full of chatter and you're able to discern where thoughts are coming from 
  • You are inspired to evolve because you know you CAN not because your confidence depends on it
  • You love yourself even when you make a mistake
  • You care less about what other people think It’s easy to say yes to yourself, your self care and your needs
  • You can set boundaries with others
  • You walk with grace, power and worthiness

Nicole M Recommends! 

"As someone who dug her heels in with regards to talking to a therapist, connecting with Casey has been one of the best things I have ever done for my heart & soul. I leave every session with has been more valuable than any conversation Ive had with lifelong friends and family. Casey has helped me not only survive some of the most toxic relationships I have ever encountered, but she has made me stronger at the same time. I have recommended countless friends and family to her who have all agreed at how amazing and helpful she has been to their heeling journey."

Catherine P says:

"Where do I begin! Casey has guided me through all aspects of life and I can genuinely say has brought me to where I aspired to be and then some! What started as couples counseling, led to personal counseling and currently, she serves as my guide in all my spiritual pursuits. If you’re looking for a one way ticket to a better you, you’ve reached the right place. My relationships have improved, my nervous system has settled, my soul has found purpose and my heart has reached a state of peace I didn’t know was possible. Thank you, Casey!"

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your payment plan:

Group Mastermind


  • 12 weeks of live calls 
  • Weekly meditations + exercises
  • Accountability check in's 
  • Private community
  • Unlimited Text Supprt (M-F)
  •  Next group September 2024
  • Payment Plan Available

Individual Program


  • 12 weeks of live calls 
  • Weekly meditations + exercises
  • Accountability check in's 
  • Private community
  • Unlimited Text Supprt (M-F)
  • Start anytime!
  • Payment Plan Available

And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these incredible bonuses:

Bonus #1

Understanding your ego's narrative

Discern the specific ways your ego works to limit and block your progression. Knowing is essential to side step the tactics to keep you small and stuck

Bonus #2

Overcome Self Sabotage

Anytime we are working to grow and develop, habits of self sabotage come in. Knowing these ahead of time stops you from wasting precious energy so you can get back on track

Bonus #3

Self Love Meditation

This powerful meditation supports you to relax your body, quiet your mind and get connected to the higher vision of yourself in loving awareness. When done regularly, this can push away shame, guilt, low confidence and anything that blocks self worth

Plus a fast-action bonus

Something Special for you...

If you are ready to say yes to yourself NOW, I have a treat for you. Get 2 free sessions with me. They never expire and can be used for you, couples work or energy sessions. 


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Casey

Let me take you back 8 years ago... 

I had a really good life on the outside. I married my soulmate, had great friends and a flourishing social life, I was in private practice doing work I loved. 

Things looked good but internally I was struggling. I was so hard on myself. I expected myself to do things perfectly all the time. If someone gave me feedback or hurt me, I would reel from the pain. I didn’t feel good enough, I didn’t treat myself with love or grace. I was blocked. 

I had the training from my undergrad in Psychology, my master’s in counseling and therapy, I was helping other people overcome their blocks but I wasn’t overcoming my own. 

That’s when I sought to integrate practices, knowledge and tools with the mind, body, spirit and soul. 



Everything changed when I started working on all levels...

As I healed, meditated, learned spiritual systems from masters all over the world, I changed. My body image issues went away. I stopped being so self conscious. I started loving myself. 

And as my relationship to myself changed, my relationship to others and to the universe changed. 

I attracted more abundance. 

I felt at peace with myself. 

I finally connected to feeling beautiful inside and out. 

I felt capable of creating any life I wanted. 

I created this program after asking myself, “how did I get here? And how do I help others get here too?”

This is possible for you too.

Your path to building your best life 


Join Soul Centered

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details.


Dive in and take action

Dive into the content and take action. Can’t start right away? It's okay, you have lifetime access to resources that help you prepare. 


Reach your goal

Finally feel confident to achieve your goals. From understanding your higher mind to opening your heart to self love, you'll learn everything you need to succeed. 


Our money-back guarantee

Try our program for 14 days, risk-free

If you get into the program and it doesn't feel like it's the thing you need right now, that's okay! Just reach out for a full refund. We want you to feel good about your investment and sometimes it's not the right time. 

This is for you if:

  • You've tried therapy and coaching but needed something more 
  • You want to transcend the limitations of the mind 
  • You are ready to say yes to yourself! 

This is not for you if:

  • You don't want to see change in your life 
  • You want to continue letting your ego and subconscious run your life 
  • You don't want to accept responsibility to create your life exactly how you want it

From Caitlin H: 

"Casey has helped me to understand myself better and to overcome the negative beliefs and patterns that hold me back in ways that work for me. She has also helped me to improve my communication skills, to advocate for myself in different situations, and to set healthy boundaries with others. Casey has been a vital part of my healing process, both spiritually and mentally. She has helped me to reconnect with my inner wisdom and to trust my intuition while healing from the past and to move forward with confidence."

From Priya S: 


"Working with Casey has been a blessing in the truest form. I have witnessed an exponential growth since beginning my journey with her. She's not only taught me so much, but provided me the toolset I've needed to expand as a person. She's enabled me to unlock aspects of my life and personality that had been previously blocked off due to self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and instilled inspiration, joy and motivation.I can genuinely say that I have never worked with anyone who was able to move past psychoanalysis into the practical application of how to move forward from where I was. Casey has been able to do this. She's done so with love, grace, honesty and accountability. I would highly recommend working with Casey if you're looking for a quantum leap into healing, "

Are you ready to heal, align and start creating?

We have one life to live and when we invest in our own development, reconnect to our highest Self and overcome our limitations, we can start constructing a world we are in love with. We all have the capability and strength to do this regardless of what we've been through. The time is now! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

It's your time to do this thing you really want to do.

There are so many excuses we use disguised as reasons. We put off our own healing, development and mastery for other things. 

Why is it so much easier to spend money and time on things that aren't the best for us mind, body, spirit & soul?

It's easy to stay small and live within the status quo. Doing this work does require you to let go, surrender, build courage and faith. But by doing so, you build a foundation for your live to achieve things most people think are just in dreams. 

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  • A deep sense of empowerment 
  • A feeling of self worth and confidence 
  • Lightness from unburdening yourself from past pain and negative thinking 

Janet achieved healing and inner peace:

"Casey's methods have done incredible things for my mind, body and soul. As I started our work, I felt healing and forgivenss in my heart. I started to love myself again. The results since have been nothing short of miraculous."

Shelby found her inner value and outer abundance: 

"Casey's ability to help you understand how you are stopping your own progression and her tools to support you to get out of the mind and lead with you soul has shifted me in all aspects of my life."

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your program type:

Group Mastermind


  • 12 weeks of live calls 
  • Weekly meditations + exercises
  • Accountability check in's 
  • Private community
  • Unlimited Text Supprt (M-F)
  •  Next group September 2024
  • Payment Plan Available

Individual Program


  • 12 weeks of live calls 
  • Weekly meditations + exercises
  • Accountability check in's 
  • Private community
  • Unlimited Text Supprt (M-F)
  •  Start Anytime
  • Payment Plan Available